I just wanted to tell how impressed I am with your product.I have never really liked fluorocarbon line because I had yet to find one that I felt performed well so I gave up,then the other day I thought I would give it another shot so I picked up a roll of the Vicious 100% fluorocabon in 15lb test spooled up and off I went.It performed excellent but what really impressed me was while reeling a crankbait I got hung up I thought my lure was gone so I gave a good tug to snap it and would not budge so I gave another good tug and something huge starting moving towards me at first I thought it was a giant snapper it was about 30 yards out and I was on a 6ft wall when it got to me.It was a log but the thing must have been at least 30-40 pounds and the line still did not break I pulled it up the wall and got my lure back I could not believe the line did not snap after all that.Due to that performance I'm am now a Vicious fluorocarbon user for life.Thank you for such a quality product.

Jonathan Barrette

I have fished many brands of line over a 45 year span, but never have I seen a line that would stand-up under the toughest conditions with the great sensitivity as Vicious Lines.  And not only is Vicious the finest fishing line I have used, the Vicious family and staff are absolutely the greatest.  They have supported all aspects of those of us who have served tours of duty in the Military and being able to fish Vicious Line is a compliment to the industry.  I am a customer for life and I encourage all my fellow anglers to fish Vicious one time and they too will be hooked.  Thank you Vicious for supporting Veterans, like myself, and for making the greatest fishing line on the market.  I can't say enough about the quality of all the different types of Vicious Line and the greatest people to be associated with.  Again, all I can say is "Thank You".

Billy Brooks from Southhaven, MS

Last year in Canada a buddy lent me some of your copolymer line. We were fishing in gin clear water (Crow Lake outside Nestor Falls) and the line just disappeared and it not only stood up to the smallies, but also landed several good northern including a 37” one that took me into weeds and rocks. I used to buy Berkley line. I just re-spooled for spring bass and I loaded up all my stuff with Vicious.

Kirt Beckman from Ballwin, MO

My name is Lucas Oppeneer and I hale from the great frozen state of Wisconsin. I am an avid ice fisherman and this season started doing it competitively around Wisconsin. I was introduced to your 2lb hi vis Panfish Ice line earlier this season and haven't used anything since!! With my style fishing it is important that I feel every subtle nuance between me and the jig and with your fishing line I get that 10x better than any line I have used before... the durability on the ice is also fantastic. In the summer I do ALOT of Musky in the far northern regions of Wisconsin and plan on using your braided line. I just wanted to take the time to email you and let Vicious Fishing know how great your product is!!! My goal is to convert everyone I meet on and off the ice to your product!!!

Lucas Oppeneer from Wisconsin

As a professional ice fisherman in Ohio, I believe that having confidence in your presentation catches more fish than the presentation itself. I saw proof early on of my success on the ice when fishing with Vicious line and now only GET VICIOUS on the hardwater!

Fred Fortune from Ohio