Vicious X-A.C.T.



PELL CITY, AL (June 28, 2013) –

Vicious Fishing will be donating a portion of every spool of Vicious X-A.C.T. line sold to Tackle The Storm, a foundation that puts fishing rods back into the hands of children affected by storms of mass destruction.

Vicious Fishing has been a supporter of the foundation since its inception right after the terrible destruction caused by the tornadoes in Cullman, AL.  Since that time, there have been several more tragic events culminating in the last round of storms that devastated Moore, OK. The biggest challenge facing the foundation is generating the funds needed to purchase rods and reels for the kids.  The specially marked Vicious X-A.C.T. packaging will be available at ICAST and there is no end-date being discussed to this relationship.

Don Barone, Tackle The Storm Chairman, recalls, "We were walking in a field, where his house once stood.  I was helping him try and find his toys.  We found some, most were sucked up by the tornado.  He was eight years old, and had lost everything. Next to a stump we found half his fishing rod and reel, mangled , when he looked up at me he told me, "paw-paw gave me that…" and then he started to cry, the only time he cried all day.  I knelt down next to him, hugged him and said I can't replace what your grandfather gave you…but I will get you all your fishing stuff back, I promise.  And we both cried in the field.  A field of tears.  It was that exact moment, that Tackle The Storm began and it's because of companies in the fishing industry, like Vicious Fishing, and private donations, we are able to expand our reach to children affected by storms throughout the country."

Vicious Fishing President and Tackle The Storm Board Member, Jeff Martin stated “Like most people, we have a special place in our hearts for kids affected by tragedy and are excited that we can help put a rod back in their hands.  They have seen so much hurt and pain, that if we can give them an outlet to get away for even 30 minutes, it’s worth every penny.”

In addition to warehousing all the donated rods, Vicious most recently completed a month long web promotion where they donated 5% of all online sales in the month of June to the foundation.


Vicious Vision



PELL CITY, AL (June 27, 2013) – Vicious Fishing is announcing the addition of 417 Specialty Optics, LLC of Forsyth, MO as a new Vicious licensee.  This multi-year contract names 417 Specialty Optics as the exclusive provider of Vicious Vision Performance Sunglasses.  The new eyewear will be powered by Xperio® and Xperio UV lens technology, which is manufactured in the world’s largest optical laboratory, providing the sharpest vision, maximum UV protection and most scratch-resistant lenses made today.

The new lineup of Vicious Vision sunglasses is available in four TR90 frame styles – Velocity, Vengeance, Venom and Victory.  Each of the frames will be available with either Xperio or Pro Series Xperio UV polarized lens technology with 6 performance color options.  Custom prescription lenses, including bifocals and progressives, will be available through thousands of eyecare professionals nationwide providing the highest level of clarity and quality on the market.

The Pro Series Xperio UV lens has advanced technology on both the front and back side of the lens that will provide up to 20% greater contrast sensitivity and up to 3X more scratch resistance than competitive lenses.  Additionally, the lenses are the only option on the market to offer an Eye-Sun Protection Factor® (E-SPF) of 50+, which provides at least 50 times more protection from dangerous UV radiation compared to wearing no lenses at all.  For the price conscious consumer, the Xperio lens is available.  It offers the advanced Xperio polarization technology along with an E-SPF factor of 25+ while still providing high quality optical clarity at a lower price point.

“As a veteran optometrist, I’ve seen just about every piece of eyewear that has come to the market for nearly two decades.  When the stars aligned with the Xperio UV technology and the Vicious brand, I knew we had something great in the making,” stated Doug Jordan, owner and operator of Vicious Vision.  “We have been beta testing the Pro Series Xperio UV technology with select Elite Series anglers over the past few months.  They are reporting outstanding optical clarity along with enhanced vision when sight fishing compared to other brands.  Providing a performance edge along with the best sun protection in the industry will, I believe, make Vicious Vision a true game-changer.  There isn’t a better performing lens you can buy.  I am very excited to bring this technology to the industry we all love.”

“When we met Doug Jordan for the first time, we knew he and his company were a great fit for Vicious.  As with all of our branded merchandise, we have a desire to deliver a product that can compete at any level.  Vicious Vision is going to allow us to do just that.  We couldn’t be happier to have added them to our team,” boasted Vicious President, Jeff Martin.

See more about the new glasses including research videos and angler testimonials at


Trophy Technologies



PELL CITY, AL (June 26, 2013) – Vicious Fishing announced today the addition of Trophy Technologies, LLC of McCordsville, IN as the official Vicious licensee for hard baits, various musky baits, numerous walleye baits and a selection of salt water soft plastics.  The new Vicious Fishing and Vicious Salt baits will join an already impressive list of brands including Musky Armor, Reaction Strike, and Castaic. 

With a projected launch of over 100 SKUs that cover bass, walleye, musky and several saltwater species, the Vicious lineup will include industry staples such as crankbaits, jerkbaits, and frogs in several sizes and a range of color options.  As with all Vicious products, the goal is to deliver solid quality without busting the average angler’s bank account. The baits were introduced at the 2013 EFFTEX show in Vienna and were well received by retailers worldwide.  They will be available to purchase at the 2013 ICAST show in Las Vegas as well.

“We have been watching Vicious Fishing for some time.  They have done a great job in developing a strong brand that consumers are very passionate about.  We felt the time was right to bring some quality baits to the market under their name and couldn’t be happier to have joined their growing line of branded products,” stated Kris Reibel.

“The addition of baits to our family of products is a natural move for Vicious.  So, when we sat down with Kris to review his business plan and proposed selection of baits we knew he was going to be a perfect fit for Vicious.  His company believes in delivering quality and a good price and so do we,” added Vicious President, Jeff Martin.


Hatchie Bottom



PELL CITY, AL (June 26, 2013) –

Vicious Fishing has announced that Hatchie Bottom Outdoor Products, of Huntingdon, TN, has joined the list of licensees marketing products under its brand name.   The company currently markets licensed auto, ATV and UTV products for popular outdoor brands such as Mossy Oak® and Realtree®.

Under the multi-year agreement, Hatchie Bottom will produce a full line of Vicious branded accessories including seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers, visor organizers, windshield sun shades and hitch covers.  The full line of products will be on display in the Vicious Booth at ICAST in Las Vegas.

“When it comes to automobiles, people like to showcase the brands they love through their accessories.  Vicious is one of those brands.  The Vicious fan is a fanatic for anything Vicious and we look forward to filling this void for these avid consumers,” stated Chris Pickens, Hatchie Bottom National Sales Manager.

“With the long standing quality and overall national distribution that Hatchie Bottom brings to this relationship, we know that Vicious fans everywhere are going to get great products that further their ability to engage with our brand.  We look forward to growing this line of products and the added exposure it will bring to Vicious” added Glen Cunningham, Vicious Sales & Licensing Director.


Vicious X-ACT



PELL CITY, AL (June 24, 2013) – Vicious Fishing is excited to announce the launch of two new Vicious Fishing line products, Vicious Fishing Mono Leader and Vicious Fishing X-A.C.T. Copolymer at the upcoming ICAST show in Las Vegas.

Vicious Fishing X-A.C.T. is the latest addition to the Vicious Fishing premium line-up and was developed with the hardcore weekend angler in mind.  Representing the next generation of Vicious Advanced Copolymer Technology, X-A.C.T. is made in the U.S.A. and pro-engineered to meet the needs of today’s tournament angler.  Maintaining the high tensile strength and superior castability our copolymer is known for, this line also features a double coating to ensure abrasion resistance and delivers one of the lowest stretches on the market, making it the “X-ACT” combination of strength, sensitivity and handling needed by the serious angler.  The line will be available in 10-50lb test, clear only, and is sold in 100 yard, 330 yard, 1/4lb, 1lb and 2lb spools.  The product MSRP is $4.99 and up.

The new Vicious Salt Mono Leader will be manufactured from 15lb test up to 400lb test and in clear only.  The new line utilizes the Vicious Advanced Copolymer Technology (A.C.T.) which increases abrasion resistance and overall knot strength.  Having such a large range in test options allows the product to be used both in-shore and off-shore.  The product is currently being sold in 50 yard spools and retails for $2.99 and up.

“Our pro staff and tournament team guys have been asking us to come out with a premium copolymer for several years,” stated Jeff Martin, Vicious Fishing President.  “So, we are excited to be delivering another tournament-grade product to our line offering and feel like the weekend anglers are going to love what they feel.”


High School Team Discount



PELL CITY, AL (MAY 23, 2013) – Vicious Fishing is pleased to announce a new discount program created to support the growth of high school fishing all across the country.  This new online program will aid in the development and feasibility of teams to not only exist, but succeed.

To be enrolled in the program, a high school representative or coach needs to contact Greg Meunier, Vicious Marketing Director.  The enrollment process is simple and the online program will be executed through their new website at Upon enrollment completion, the high school team will receive a 25% discount on all items sold on the site.

“With college scholarships now becoming available, high school anglers have more opportunity than ever to not only do what they love, but to be rewarded for doing it.  We recognize this as a win in our industry and want to do what we can to create a nationwide success story,” stated Meunier. “We love what we are seeing in these high school programs and look forward to working with them.”

To join the Vicious Fishing High School Program, coaches or team representatives need to contact Greg Meunier at


Bill Lowen Joins Vicious Team



PELL CITY, AL (FEB 20, 2013) – Vicious Fishing announced today the signing of B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro, Bill Lowen, to its very talented pro staff.  Bill is representing Vicious Fishing Polarized Eyewear and will be instrumental in the growth and development of this product line.

With 10 Top 10 finishes to his credit, Lowen’s professional fishing career can be summed up in one word -- consistent. In 76 B.A.S.S. events, he has finished in the money 52 times and weighed in more than 2,700 pounds of bass. He finished 9th in the B.A.S.S. Elite Series standing in 2012 and the 2013 Bassmaster Classic will be his fifth.

“Every angler knows there is a benefit to wearing quality eyewear when fishing.  When I was approached, the first step was to try them to ensure they met my expectations,” said Lowen.  “And obviously they passed the test.  I’m excited to be working with Vicious as they grow their eyewear lineup. It’s great to be part of the Vicious family.”

“Bill is known as one of the hardest working guys on tour,” adds Vicious Pro Staff Director Chris Dutton, “His sponsors all know we are going to get his very best every day.  From a sponsor’s point of view, there is nothing better than a guy you can depend on.  We are proud to have him on our team and look forward to seeing what Bill does in 2013.”


Major League Fishing


TULSA, OK (FEB. 2, 2013) -- Jack Link’s Major League Fishing announced today that Vicious Fishing has joined the league’s prestigious and diverse group of sponsors. Vicious Fishing, based in Dora, Alabama, produces premium fishing line, apparel and other angling products.

“We are pleased that some of the top companies in America are Major League Fishing sponsors, and Vicious is a natural for our league. This company makes great products and they’re topnotch people, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome Vicious Fishing to Major League Fishing,” said league General Manager Jim Wilburn.

Vicious fishing joins an impressive list of Major League Fishing sponsors that includes: Jack Link's Beef Jerky, General Tire, RAM Trucks, GEICO, Bass Pro Shops, REPEL Insect Repellent, NITRO Boats, YETI Coolers, Abu Garcia, OPTIMA Batteries, Bass Cat Boats, Berkley Fishing, Mercury Marine, Motorguide, B&W Hitches, Quantum, Lucky Craft, Benchmade Knife Company, Duckett Fishing, Strike King, Lucas Oil, Simms, ONYX, FishSticks Lure Enhancer and Power-Pole.

“Our entire brand team is made up of fishing fans, so it’s exciting for us to be a part of something as ground breaking as Major League Fishing.  Their team is a group of forward thinkers, and with a brand like Vicious Fishing, it’s natural for us to do things that go outside the norm as well.  Major League Fishing is fishing with a little edge – and that’s Vicious Fishing” said Greg Meunier, Vicious Fishing Marketing Director.

Major League Fishing is a partnership between Outdoor Channel and 24 of the world’s best anglers. The league features made-for-television bass fishing events designed to bring high-level challenges to participants and entertainment, as well as insight, to audiences.


Vicious Fishing Lands Classic Winnner


PELL CITY, AL (JAN. 2, 2013) – Vicious Fishing is excited to announce the signing of B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler, Boyd Duckett, to the Vicious Fishing Elite Team.

Duckett, a two-time Elite Series winner and Bassmaster Classic Champion, is a tournament-proven angler and skilled business man with a history of success both on and off the water. His resume includes four professional wins, fifteen top 10’s and nearly $1.4 million in B.A.S.S. earnings in his ten year professional career.

“I’m proud to have been chosen to join the Vicious Fishing team,” says Duckett.  “It’s the kind of company that I enjoy being a part of.  They are fresh, innovative, and truly in touch with the needs of the anglers.  The new Pro Elite Fluorocarbon is ‘tournament grade’ line that is affordable to the weekend angler.  It’s the same philosophy that we use at Duckett Fishing!”

“To bring an accomplished angler like Boyd into the Vicious family not only complements our proven team of fishing pros, but also adds to the brain trust of guys on our team dedicated to growing this sport,” states Vicious Fishing President Jeff Martin.  “Plus he has proven, through his own company, to align with our belief that weekend and recreational anglers deserve great fishing equipment at a price they can afford. Together, we will continue to deliver on that promise.”